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New Movie. Can't put it on NewGrounds

Posted by MoritzJunker - December 22nd, 2020

I made a new movie recently that I am pretty proud of. However it was removed off of NewGrounds because of its use of copyrighted music. I obviously understand why. If you would like to check it out here.

Edit: Just made an edited version with royalty free music. Check it out!



did it get claimed? because it's private on youtube

oh yeah sorry
I just privated it by accident

Video is unavailable. Very cool!!!

I privated the video right after I made this post by accident. Its back up now. Sorry

I think you could probably get someone in the community to take up the task to get you the same vibe musically and not risk the copyright red tape. Obviously not this time around due to the short timeline but something to think about. I think you have a refreshing style. Seems a misstep to ditch the audience here because of a song

I am actually replacing the music right now. The new video will be up in a few hours. Thank you for the support

Do you have a version of this movie without music? If not, it wouldn't sound 100% perfect but I can try and remove some of the background music with Izotope. And then you could use some free-to-use Christmas music from Newground's Audio portal instead.
Let me know, because this animation is very distinct and I know some people on here would love it!

I'm actually working on it right now. I still have the editing file and I am replacing the music with some royalty free stuff from the YouTube audio library. I will probably release this version on NewGrounds in a few hours and keep the orginal one up on YouTube. I appreciate the offer. Thank you. :)

Thanks for uploading the movie here! I know it's a pain in the ass, but I'd rather watch things here, and not on protected, pedantic YouTube. Shame that even Twitch is feeling the music industry's pinch

Couldn't agree more. I really love NewGrounds

Merry Christmas

Use a music maker instead.

Don't worry, I figured it out a few months ago. Thanks for the advice though